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My name is Tricia Koczor and I am a reptile Keeper in Chicago, Illinois. I started keeping reptiles 10 years ago, when I got my first Painted Turtle and my whole world changed. Ever since I got that turtle, I have been infatuated with reptiles. It went from turtles, to lizards, to amphibians, and finally overcoming my fear of snakes. I currently have 16 reptiles and 2 amphibians. I was never into social media much, until I made an Instagram which quickly turned into a page featuring all of my animals. I called my page Reptilian Garden as a joke because I always took pictures of my reptiles in front of my plants. I started getting a lot of support and I decided after a couple years of showing them off on Instagram to start making YouTube videos to help people when it comes to caring for reptiles. I used to get a lot of questions, and this seemed like a great reference to be able to give people. I received way more support on YouTube and Instagram than expected, and it was a great way to relate to other people that were interested in these amazing animals too! It can be hard to come by fellow reptile lovers, and it was so refreshing to find my people and share my reptiles that I love so much.

I have been going to Curious Creatures now for about 5 years. The first time I ever went to this store, I was blown away by the variety of animals they offer, and the amount of care and attention they receive. You can tell these animals are loved by the owners who work here and that gave me so much respect for this local reptilian business. Aside from the amazing animals, the owners are the sweetest, most passionate people around. Andy and Alison are so knowledgeable and friendly to each and every single person that walks in the door. I had the honor of being able to volunteer there a couple times and it was so much fun, and I got to see how hands on they are with the animals and their customers. I have also bought some of my own pets from this store as well because they are so healthy and beautiful. Something else I really love about this shop is the fact that they do vet day! This is a great resource for people who have questions, and it is also a great reminder that reptiles need medical attention too. This shop remains my favorite reptile store for the customer service, reptiles, and healthy feeders that they offer! I highly recommend checking them out if you are ever in the Chicago area!

-Tricia Koczor


Instagram: @reptiliangarden

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