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✔ Lock Cookies: Lock and unlock cookies for a specific website so you can edit them easily and quickly.✔ Unlock Cookies: Access the lock/unlock settings for all the cookies on a website, even if you don't know their name.✔ Cookie Backup: Export and import cookies, backup them to a file or to Google Chrome's History feature.✔ Search Cookies: Find all of your cookies by domain or search for specific cookies.✔ Import Cookies: Import selected cookies and use them as a template for someone who needs to quickly create a new cookie.✔ Restore Cookies: Restore or even create cookies from an existing copy stored in the Browser or Google Chrome's History.✔ Change Cookie's Name: Change the name of the cookie and keep its value.✔ Privacy and Security: Restore the browser's default settings for Privacy and Security.✔ Cookies and other Features: This extension displays basic information about cookies and their uses on the currently open website.✔ Customize: Make your own settings.✔ Requirements: Google Chrome and a working internet connection.✔ Version History: Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari all have the ability to add a bunch of features and interact with the web in ways that are not supported by other browsers. Often, they just aren't complete enough in the way they interact with the web, or lack the features that other browsers provide natively. Another way they all differ is in the way they handle web development and the Front End. In this article, I will focus on how each browser can help in the Front End development process, and the tools that they provide to make that process easier.Internet Explorer is still the only browser that can provide a Web Development Environment for the creation of regular websites. While there are other ways to create websites in other browsers, (especially if you're a Mac user) the tools that are included with Internet Explorer still provide a very important step in the development process. Although there is a new Web Development Environment, Microsoft Edge, that has been announced, it doesn't appear to be available for testing yet. Even if you are testing websites in Edge, there are still a number of tasks that will require the use of the old browser, and even for the new Edge it 08929e5ed8

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