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Do you ever feel like you and your reptile just aren’t on the same page? To make sure you and your reptile relate well to each other, we offer a number of Reptile Habitat Simulation sessions. Even the most experienced reptile owners often have Reptile Habitat Simulation issues, so we offer Reptile Habitat Simulation for all levels of experience. Give us a call to find out what’s right for you.



Please email our call the store if you are interested in having us come out to you with some of our most popular and tame reptiles which usually includes:

Athena: Our 9 FT Burmese Python

Ninja: Our 20 Pound Sulcata Tortoise 

Splinter: Our Male Ball Python

Miller: Our Male Bearded Dragon

Sunny: Our baby Northern Blue Tongue SKink

And possibly more reptiles depending on availability. 



Going on vacation? Need a place for you scaly friend to stay? Come to Curious Creatures for your boarding needs. We will set up a tank specifically to your reptile answering all needs they will have.

Boarding for 1 Animal: $10

Includes housing (each reptile housed individually and to their own specific needs), feeding (unless rodents, priced separately), a bath, and nail trim if needed. 

Boarding for 2 animals: $15

$10 for the first reptile and $5 for the second, $15 all together. 

Each reptile will have their own enclosure and provided the same services as stated above. 

Boarding for 3 or more animals please call or email the store for group rates. 



Join The Fun



Dr. Jason Olech & his assistant Amy come to our store once a month to participate in VET Day!

Stop by to ask some general questions about your animals, or just to say hello!

He offer on site physical exams, so please feel free to bring your pets! (Exam fees do apply)

He sees dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and many other other exotic pets.

For more information about our stores veterinarian,

Chicagoland Mobile Veterinary Services

Please visit their website at:

Or contact them by phone at:


(773) 698-8333

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