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Happy, Healthy Critters, & Supplies

Curious Creatures LLC was started by reptile enthusiasts Alison and Andy.
While Alison grew up fascinated by snakes, Andy grew up with a love for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Their passion for reptiles began to flourish when they met and than later moved in together. With an ever growing collection of snakes, lizards and tortoises over the years, both Andy and Alison found it difficult to find continuous feeders and supplies in Chicago. With only big name stores in the city Alison and Andy decided to quit balancing work with their passion for reptiles and instead, open a reptile specialty store called Curious Creatures LLC.
At Curious Creatures LLC the main focus centers around high quality and healthy animals. Reptiles are fascinating animals that have their own unique personalities and deserve the serious responsibilities that go with owning an exotic animal. 
While focusing on the welfare of the animals is the number one priority, customer service is a close second. With all the conflicting information at pet stores and online or even TV, Curious Creatures LLC provides customers with accurate care for their scaly friends by explaining common misconceptions and myths, while giving the correct care.
Curious Creatures LLC believes that reptiles are family and deserve the very best care!

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