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Curious Creatures is your neighborhood Reptile Shop, complete with everything your pets could possibly need. We carry a wide range of pet foods and supplies — all of the highest quality. You’ll be amazed at all the great things you’ll find in our store, but not as amazed as your pet will be. Animals are in heaven when they walk through our doors. Come find out what all the buzz is about.

Green Snake


Word on the Street

Curious Creatures is an awesome place to get bugs and supplies as well as info. Oh yeah, and they have great pets there! I just picked up a bearded dragon from there, and they've given just wonderful advice and help. For the beginner or the seasoned herp hobbyist, Curious Creatures is an invaluable resource.

One of the best places in Chicago They have everything for your reptiles. Decorations and bugs. And the owners are very friendly they treat you like family.

We went almost 4 years ago to get a baby leopard gecko. The owners are absolutely amazing and helped us pick out our new baby. We have recommended several people to CC, and they have all had awesome experiences.

Curious Creatures is paradise for reptile lovers! Not only can you find any exotic reptile you could possibly want, but the owners take the time to explain how to keep your new pet healthy and happy. It’s a one-stop shop for every supply you could possibly need, both new and used. Newbies and experts alike are always welcomed with a smile.

I came to Curious Creatures when it came time to pick out a new addition to my home. They helped me settle on the cutest Chinese Water Dragon. Unlike other pet stores, they took the time to warn me of the odd quirks that this specific lizard had, not just as a species, but that this individual lizard had displayed. They had informed me of his past medical history as he had needed to already see a vet, and warn me that he might need to see one in the future. Even though that could have been detrimental to selling him. They are store owners who have the best care of their animals as well as their customers in mind. And that makes a huge world of difference. I stop in when I am in the area and I love to shop there. And I recommend them to everyone. No matter who you have helping you there, you will never get the uneducated employees that no nothing of taking care of reptiles.

Curious Creatures is a fantastic store. Nowhere else in the city carries the variety of reptile products that they do. One of the things that really makes them special is how much care and attention they pay to their boarding clients. I was extremely nervous as a first time boarder- I love my animals dearly, and my anxiety was on full display. However, my fears were absolutely assuaged- I got to see the enclosures where my animals stayed, and whenever I asked how they were doing, I got really quick responses- even with pictures! One of the things that really stood out to me was that when I was especially nervous about how my tegu would do, Allison let me meet some of their own tegus, and I got to see for myself how obviously well-loved and well cared for they are. I was thrilled with the quality of care my animals received during boarding (and the price is a great value!), and will be boarding with CC as long as my reptiles and I are in Chicago. The animal husbandry at CC is top notch- not just for boarders, but for the store's stock, too- and you can tell how much every animal life is valued. The level of attention to both people and animals makes CC stand out as an amazing experience every time I stop in

I love this shop. They put a lot of effort into caring for their reptiles! They are so friendly and helpful.

I highly recommend Curious Creatures to anyone who is looking for quality bred animals and supplies.

Alison and Andy are the best! They have shown the local community how much Curious Creatures has to offer by their expertise, customer service and care for their reptiles and amphibians. It is a fun and welcoming place to learn something new every time I walk in the door!


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