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Here at Curious Creatures LLC we offer a variety of services for you and you're creatures, with more to come! For any questions please message or call us!.


Going away? Let your creature or creatures stay with us!

We will take care of everything while you are away!



We now offer Terrarium Builds. This is by appointment only. 

We will walk around with you and build you a tank for any critter! 

Or give us a budget and come back later. 

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Let us bring you a variety of different animals for any occasion! They can be touched and held!




When adopting or buying an animal we reserve the right to ask for photographic proof of the setup, in order to make sure the animal will be properly cared for. If you don't have a setup we will be happy to walk you through one at our store.


Animal Returns (within 10 days of purchase) will be issued STORE CREDIT. There are no cash refunds. Merchandise Returns (within 30 days) will be issued store credit or a refund depending on the state of the item.


Curious Creatures LLC guarantees our reptiles to be healthy at the time of purchase.  Customers may return any reptile within 10 days from the date of purchase and will be given store credit for the full amount of the purchase price so long as the reptile is returned in good condition (sorry no refunds).  If there is a problem with a reptile, you must notify us within 10 days of your purchase either by calling our store (773-698-8333) or emailing us at If we receive timely notice of a problem, we will replace a reptile that is sick or injured, so long as the illness or injury is not the result of abuse or neglect by the customer.

Our guarantee is void if the customer fails to provide the reptile with a proper environment, including ensuring proper temperature, bedding, lighting and cage size, or if the customer fails to provide appropriate food and water. We reserve the right to ask for proof, including photographs, to ensure that the reptile has been properly cared for. If you are unsure how to care for a reptile, please ask for advice before making your purchase.  We’re always happy to help.

Curious Creatures cares for reptiles and wants to make sure that they are as healthy as they can be. Whether you bought it from us or not, if for any reason you are concerned about your pet (for example, if it is suffering from low appetite or lack of activity), please feel free to call, email or come down to our store at 4131 Broadway Ave, 60613, Chicago, Illinois and we will do our best to help or refer you to a veterinarian with experience caring for reptiles. 

Although we cannot provide store credit for returned reptiles after 10 days, please bring your reptile back to us if you find, for any reason, that you can no longer care for it.  So long as it is in good condition we will do everything we can to ensure that it finds a new home.


Store Owner:_____________________________          Date:_______________

Customer:________________________________        Date:_______________


Curious Creatures Boarding Agreement

Owners Name:


Cell Phone:

Email Address:

Emergency contact:

Arrival Date:

Departure Date:

Pets Name:

Type of Animal:

Regular Veterinarian:

Age of animal:

Any known medical issues:

Are mites present:                    Yes _________    No__________

By choosing to utilize the services at Curious Creatures LLC, I agree to the following:

- I agree to pay the rate of $12 a day for boarding and any additional charges such as feeding and baths that are in effect at the time my pet is at Curious Creatures LLC. I am aware that extra charges may be incurred and I agree to pay then at the time of pick up.

Examples may include, but are not limited to medicating and medical attention.

- If my pet appears to be ill, I authorize Curious Creatures LLC to treat my pet as they feel necessary including transportation to an emergency facility. I agree to pay all veterinary charges incurred by my pet. I will not hold Curious Creatures LLC liable for failure to treat or for decisions made under this contract.

 - I understand that Curious Creatures LLC will exercise all due diligence and care in the guardianship of my pet. I hereby waive and release Curious Creatures LLC, its employees, owners and agents from any and all liability of any nature, for injury or damage, including that which may result from action of any animal, including my own and I expressly assume the risk of such damage or injury while my pet is on the grounds and surrounding area thereto.

- If you or your Agent do not pick up your Pet at the agreed upon time, you hereby authorize us to continue to provide the Services as set forth in this Agreement at your expense. If Curious Creatures LLC determines, at its sole discretion, that an extension of Services is required, payment in full may be required prior to extending such Services. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if your Pet is deemed abandoned under local, state, or federal laws or regulations, or in Curious Creatures LLC’s discretion as permitted by law, we will follow the Abandoned Pet Procedure.

- Abandoned Pet Procedure. Unless otherwise required by applicable law, if you fail to pick up your Pet by the designated time:

- All Services will stop, with the exception of medication administration necessary to ensure Pet health and safety and basic boarding services (food, water, relief time and shelter).

- We will attempt to contact you by telephone and/or in writing using the information that you have provided, advising you that if your Pet is not picked up within a reasonable time period, your Pet will be deemed to be abandoned and you understand that you will lose ownership of your Pet under these circumstances. If you fail to pick-up your Pet for any reason, YOU RELEASE CURIOUS CREATURES LLC FROM ALL FURTHER LIABILITY AND RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR PET.

- You shall remain liable to us for all unpaid Charges, including without limit the court costs and Reasonable attorneys’ fees incurred in the collection of the Charges.

- Your representations to us. You represent to us that you are the owner of the Pet and that you are fully authorized to enter into this Agreement. All of the information about you and your Pet in this Agreement is true, accurate And complete. In a custody dispute, we will exercise reasonable judgment based on the known facts and we may, in our sole discretion, require proof of ownership, a written property settlement agreement or court decree.

- To the best of your knowledge, your Pet has no illness, injury or behavior problem (including aggressive or biting behavior) that has not been disclosed to us.

- You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless, from and against all loss, damage or expense, including attorneys’ fees, resulting from misrepresentations by you or your representatives or resulting from your Pet's stay including, without limitation, any person claiming to be the owner of your Pet and any person claiming damage or injury by your Pet.

- Miscellaneous Provisions. This written Agreement constitutes our entire and only agreement and there are no oral agreements or understandings except as provided for in this Agreement.

- This Agreement shall bind us and our assigns and you and your heirs and assigns.

- The law that applies to the Agreement is the law of the state or province and municipality where your Pet is to stay. If there are disputes that result in litigation, the courts of the state or province and municipality where your Pet is to stay shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

- Personal items. You can bring any personal items such as hides or other furnishings if you wish to do so.

Curious Creatures LLC is not responsible for loss or damage to any personal item or toy left with your Pet.

On behalf of myself and any and all other owners of this pet, I have read and agree to the terms of this contract. I warrant that I have the authority to represent any and all other owners of this pet in signing this contract.

Signed:__________________________________________ Date:____________________


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