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Hi My Name is Spade

Updated: Apr 11

Hello my name is Spade and I need your help. I was donated to Curious Creatures a couple of weeks ago and I seem to have a broken and or dislocated back leg/ hip. Because of this I am having a hard time going to the bathroom. Therefor I have not been eating, and I can only last so long like this.

I need x-rays.

Luckily I have a vet appointment tomorrow morning at 10am! If you can, please donate, if you can't please share!

Go fund me link:

UPDATE! I have been to the vet MY LEG IS NOT BROKEN!!! However I have MBD (medibalic bone disease) and gout in my joints. I have been given specific instructions to be hand fed Critical Care twice a day, along with daily baths and liquid calcium. I will have a recheck in two weeks to see if I improve at all. WISH ME LUCK!

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