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I Am Sheldon

Updated: Apr 8


My name is Sheldon. I am a 30 year old box turtle in urgent need of vet care. I have had 7 owners over the past 30 years. While they all loved me, I have been hiding something from them.

Unfortunately I have some serious injuries to the inside of my shell. It was discovered upon surrender, and I need to get to the vet asap for some x-rays and blood work. Please help me get there and get the care I so desperately deserve.

UPDATE: I have vet appointment on Friday March 15th, at 2:30pm, at Animal House of Chicago!!!

My Go Fund Me link is listed below, if you can't donate, please share it!

Update: I have been to the vet! I get a medicated antibiotic bath once a day, every day for the next two weeks and i should be all better!. I can no longer have substrate in my cage, but that doesn't stop me from moving around and living my life!

UPDATE: I have finished my meds and am ready to go home!!

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